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Embark Migration provides a free initial assessment for every LGBT, Intersex, Queer and HIV positive immigrant seeking protection in Australia.
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Persecution and LGBT+ Protection in Australia
LGBT, Intersex and Queer people all over the world are victims of unimaginable acts of violence and abuse, everyday.
These people are persecuted simply because of their sexuality and/or gender identity.

In Australia, the government recognizes these individuals as a class in particular need of protection from serious harm or death in their home country. Under Australian law, victims of persecution can access protective asylum.

The Australian immigration system is extremely complicated. In every case, successfully applying for protection is very difficult.
Can I Apply For Protection In Australia?
can you apply for lgbt protection in australia
If you can answer 'YES' to these questions,
you may be eligible to apply for
protection in Australia.
  • Are you physically present in Australia?
  • Have you been mistreated in your home country for being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, HIV-positive?
  • Are you afraid of going back to your home country because you may face mistreatment for being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, HIV-positive?
Can Embark Migration Help You?
Our firm provides onshore protection assistance to LGBT, Intersex, Queer and HIV-positive asylum seekers who are located in every Australian State and Territory. When we are unable to help you due to some particular circumstance, we will always be happy to put you in contact with a suitable organisation in your preferred location.

Embark Migration has successfully helped many migrants coming from countries and family backgrounds where cultural, religious or family beliefs are not accepting of LGBT, Intersex, Queer and HIV-positive people.

We know that the onshore protection process is stressful and time consuming for all applicants. We understand that the process of being forced to talk about and prove past experiences and trauma is difficult. Our team of onshore protection experts confidentially and carefully work with asylum applicants to prove their claim for protection is genuine.

Our team are very familiar with the challenges faced by all members of the LGBT+ community and proudly provides support with compassion, confidentiality and respect in every situation.
Embark Migration does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, age, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic characteristics, religion, marital status, domestic partner status, dependent status, or any other
legally-protected characteristics

Other Available Services For LGBT+ Migrants

We know the Australian visa process is confusing, stressful and expensive. Embark Migration provides a range of professional immigration assistance including 20 or 60-minute consultations and application checking services.
Our licenced and registered consultants can also provide start-to-finish services for all Australian visa matters. As part of our process, your consultant can advise which services are suitable to you depending on your needs and budget.
VisaHelp Consultations
Immigration Helpline
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Complete DIY Visa Pack
Specialist focus on partner and family visas
Our principal agent has 25+ years government experience
Fixed-fees so you don't get any costly surprises
Extremely high record of successful results
Founded by former Australian immigration staff
"Embark Migration provides the experience, expertise and compassion needed to guide you through the stressful immigration process."
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