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17 January 2018 Changes to Eligible Skilled Occupations

The Lists of eligible skilled occupations will be updated on 17 January 2018 to reflect these changes.

There are changes (including additions) to certain occupational caveats (indicated via ‘*** asterisks’) which exclude the use of the occupation in certain circumstances.  A summary of Caveats on occupations is available.

These changes will only impact applications lodged on or after 17 January 2018. Applications lodged before this date will not be impacted.

Occupations added to the lists

The three occupations below, which were previously unavailable on either list, will be added to the STSOL.

  1. Property Manager*** – 612112
  2. Psychotherapist – 272314
  3. Real Estate Representative*** – 612115

Occupations moved between the lists

The two occupations below will be moved from the STSOL to the MTLSSL.

  1. Horse Breeder*** – 121316
  2. Management Consultant*** – 224711

Occupations removed from the lists

The two occupations listed below will be completely removed from the lists of eligible skilled occupations for all skilled visa programs on 17 January 2018.

  1. Building Associate – 312112
  2. Hair and Beauty Salon Manager – 142114

More detailed information can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website, or by contacting us at Embark Migration.

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