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Important updates for student visa applicants

Will you be applying for, or extending your student visa this year? Here are a few important updates for student visa applicants that you should be aware of.

The Australian Government will be updating the annual cost of living amounts from 1 February 2018.  From that date, every application for a student visa, where evidence of funds is required, should include updated cost of living amounts in the calculation of funds.

The new annual living amounts are:

  • Student or guardian AUD $20,290
  • Partner or spouse: AUD $7,100
  • Child: AUD $3,040

All student visa applicants must ensure that they provide a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement and necessary supporting documents are included with their application.   The student should explain any gaps in study or employment and, where relevant, address the reasons why the student is studying in a field unrelated to their previous study or employment. The applicant must explain how completing the study will help them fulfil their future plans. The statement must reflect the student’s circumstances, generic statements will not be taken into great consideration when the visa application is assessed by the department.

All visa applicants must declare any previous visa refusals or cancellations from any country for themselves and family members, even if the family members are not intending to travel to Australia. Remember that a visa refusal may be called something different in other countries, like a rejection, denial or a visa declined. If the information provided in response to this question is incorrect, it may lead to refusal under PIC 4020.

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