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Gay Immigration Lawyer and Registered Migration Agents

We know that only by speaking to a gay immigration lawyer or registered migration agent do LGBT migrants really receive the knowledge and expertise they need while experiencing the sensitivity and confidentiality necessary to handle the variety of legal issues they face. 

Advice from a gay immigration lawyer you can rely on

Many migration firms claim to be gay-friendly, but not many have the knowledge, understanding, compassion and LGBT experience as Embark Migration’s Managing Director.

Prospective Marriage, De facto And Spouse Partner Visa Experts For Same Sex Couples

Major legal changes have provided new immigration benefits to same-sex couples. Same-sex partners now have access to immigration benefits that were previously only available to heterosexual couples. If one spouse is already an Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen, a couple may use their marital status to obtain a visa for the other spouse.

Accurate and Trusted Same Sex Partner Visa Eligibility Assessments

All gay and lesbian couples in a recognised de facto or married relationship are now eligible to apply for 300 Prospective Marriage visas and onshore and offshore 820 and 309 partner visas. For each of these visas, the applicant’s will have to show satisfactory proof that their relationship is genuine.

The cost of applying for an Australian partners is one of the most expensive in the World.  Our experts make a detailed eligibility assessment of all cases before any application is made.  Don’t risk costly mistakes such as having a visa refused unnecessarily.

Pathway To Permanent Residence for Same Sex Couples Through Marriage Visas

Same sex marriages are now legally recognised in Australia which means that married couples can now be approved for Australian residency through a marriage-based case. Applying for permanent residence through a marriage visa will be a two-stage process for applicants who are in Australia, or even a three-stage process for engaged couples who plan to marry in Australia.

Partner visas can take a long time to be finalised by the immigration department.  This delay and the uncertainty of not knowing if your visa will be approved causes stress and anxiety for many gay and lesbian couples.  With careful planning and preparation of your case, most cases we manage are granted well before the lengthy processing time advised by the Australian Government.

Other Cases We Do In Support Of Our LGBT Clients

We support the global fight for humane immigration reform that is inclusive of all LGBT people.  Our supportive team draw from their own personal experience and awareness of the unique problems and legal needs of LGBT immigrant communities.

Embark Migration is against any form of persecution or inhumane treatment and is trusted with protection visa LGBT cases for clients from all every continent.

Our firm has successfully represented and continues to work with a diverse group of LGBT immigrants.  Our clients include those who have fled from persecution in their home countries, immigrants living with HIV, victims of sexual, mental and other physical abuse, domestic violence and other hardships only experienced in the LGBT community.

Why LGBT Migrants Use Our Services

  • Embark Migration is a LGBT owned business with a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our community
  • We respect your privacy and handle all cases confidently and confidentially
  • Our unique one-on-one approach to every case means that we see every client as part of our family, not just a case number
  • We fight with interity for the equal treatment of all immigrants in accordance with the law, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or immigration status
  • Our high success rate is a result of our extensive experience helping LGBT clients in a diverse range of unique situations

Get Immigration Assistance from Our Team Of LGBT Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents

In most cases, only a licenced immigration lawyer or registered migration agent can provide lawful and up to date migration assistance or legal advice in Australia. If you need immigration advice call our Sydney based immigration experts today for a detailed consultation, or you can fill out our consultation form on this page and one of our team will contact you as soon as possible to confidentially discuss your case.

During the time you speak to one of us, we will review your situation let you know the best options for you, or we will tell you if further information is needed.

Embark Migration is a gay and lesbian friendly firm which has the resources, knowledge, and skills necessary to fully understand the legal needs of our diverse gay and lesbian community.  It doesn’t matter if you are a gay visa applicant, a lesbian sponsor, bisexual or any other LGBT person, you are welcome to contact us.

Nobody can guarantee that a visa will be granted or that there will be an approval on a certain date, but with our experience, we can guarantee that your best interests and goals are exactly what we will work towards for you, whilst acting honestly and with integrity from the moment you first contact us.

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