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Gay and Lesbian Immigration Issues in Australia

Embark Migration is pleased to work with and support the LGBTIQ community in their immigration needs and other issues affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer clients. 

LGBTIQ immigrants face unique challenges, requiring a qualified immigration advisor with particular expertise in assisting foreign partners of Australian lesbian and gay men to legalise their status in Australia.  A registered migration agent is a critical part of the process in providing information and advice relating to partner migration for gay and lesbian couples.

Some common questions or concerns we can help with include:

  • How do I bring my gay / lesbian partner to Australia?
  • Is a person’s immigration status treated differently after a sex change?
  • Is persecution for being gay cause for asylum or protection?
  • Who counts as a “family” member?
  • Is it more difficult to get a visa or citizenship if I am a LGBTIQ person?

The staff at Embark Migration have had the opportunity to help LGBTIQ clients obtain visas, citizenship, skilled employment certification and applications for protection based on their sexuality and sexual/gender identity.  There are a number of issues that are unique to the LGBTIQ community in terms of immigration and our staff have experience making the existing immigration laws work for our gay and lesbian clients and their partners.

Additionally, for some clients, it is reassuring to have a practice that is gay friendly, and in those instances, Jeff White, our Managing Director is not only well qualified but also has a personal commitment to gay and lesbian immigration issues.

Contact our office, located in Sydney, Australia, for more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our team of registered immigration experts.


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