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Frequent Traveller Visitor visa for Chinese tourists

Frequent Traveller Visitor visa for Chinese visitors now available
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The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has commenced its trial of the new 10-year ‘Frequent Traveller’ Visitor visa for holders of People’s Republic of China passports who are applying from within mainland China.

The frequent traveller visitor visa is available to Chinese citizens who travel frequently to Australia for short visits.  The department will only grant a limited number of the visas so it will be important to decide if this is the most appropriate visa option for each person considering the option.

The 10-year ‘Frequent Traveller’ visa will allow the holder to stay in Australia for up to three months per visit, with multiple entries permitted.  Visa holders will be allowed a cumulative stay of no more than 12 months in any 2 year period.

Further information on visa options is available from the Australian Embassy in China.

How to apply for the Frequent Traveller Visitor visa

Chinese passport holders wishing to apply for this visa must first make an appointment to provide biometrics identifiers (fingerprints and photograph) at an Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in China before lodging an application.  

Appointments for biometrics collection can be made through the AVAC service delivery partner (VFS Global website).

The visa can then be applied for online only and has a visa application charge of AUD1000.  


Source: DIBP Announcements

Published: Mon, 12 December 2016

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