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To assess your Australian visa eligibility we need to know about your situation. Please fill in the secure form below so that our staff can make a detailed visa assessment on suitable immigration options for you. This form should also be used if our staff have asked you to send us your information here.
We provide an initial evaluation of your visa options and migration pathways based on the information that you provide to us in this questionnaire. It will be reviewed by a Registered Migration Agent in our company.
Once we have reviewed your answers, we will contact you to arrange a consultation during which we will discuss your options and give you an accurate estimate of the costs you should expect for your case. Embark Migration provides consultations in person, by telephone or video link.
With over 100 different Australian visas, there may be a number of options available to you. At Embark Migration, we will work with you to identify which visas would be the best to suit your goals.
It is important that you answer every question because they are all important for an accurate visa assessment. Different visas have different eligibility requirements so we need to find out a lot of information about you. Our questionnaire is very detailed to ensure we don't miss anything out for you. Answering honestly will ensure we can make an accurate assessment of your options.
Who Do We Help?
Embark Migration represents individual and corporate clients in all areas of Australian immigration law.
The firm has built a reputation on providing specialist assistance for partner visa cases and LBGT+ immigration matters.


We know the Australian visa process is confusing, stressful and expensive. Embark Migration provides a range of professional immigration assistance including 20 or 60-minute consultations and application checking services.
Our licenced and registered consultants can also provide start-to-finish services for all Australian visa matters. As part of our process, your consultant can advise which services are suitable to you depending on your needs and budget.
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Embark Migration provides specialist immigration and services to help our clients achieve their goals for Australian permanent or temporary residence through a variety of visa pathways.


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