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Australia’s permanent migration intake is about to climb

There are plenty of ideas on the table for next month’s Jobs Summit, but there is one outcome that seems all but locked in. 

Australia’s permanent migration intake is going to change, likely both in size and shape.

It will grow from 160,000 people a year to possibly as high as 200,000 people a year.

There has been a remarkable consensus formed around that 200,000 figure, including both unions and business groups.

Plenty have argued the rise would provide an economic boost and help fill labour shortages.

But there is more to permanent migration than the headline figure.

Both business groups and unions have said change was needed around who the migration program brought in.

And some argued there were easy tweaks that could make an enormous difference.

  • Australia’s permanent migrant intake is expected to be increased to as high as 200,000 a year
  • The number of visas being granted has fallen in recent years
  • Some have called for wider changes and scrapping of the occupation list

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Source:, Published 22 Aug 2022.

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