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Australian Protection Visas for Gay, Lesbian and other LGBT persons

Embark Migration helps clients obtain Australian protection visas under the humanitarian visa program.

Individuals who have been persecuted or have a well-founded fear of future persecution (by their government or people their government are unable or unwilling to control) on account of their religion, ethnic group, political opinion, nationality or membership in a social group (including being gay or lesbian) might be eligible for asylum in Australia.

Applications for asylum require a significant amount of evidence and preparation to be successful.  Asylum generally must be applied for when the applicant is already in Australia.  Embark Migration can help you prepare a strong asylum case and confront obstacles (such as a lack of corroborating evidence).

If you are considering applying for protection in Australia, you need to contact a registered migration agent as soon as possible.  Australian protection visa cases take considerable time to prepare and generally need to be lodged as soon as possible after your arrival in Australia.  Our team of immigration experts have experience in filing applications for asylum and representing individuals seeking protection through Australian immigration.

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  1. Ejon Esai

    Hi, i’m Ejon from Malaysia,in my country is totally illegal for same sex or gay couples.Even no Law or act to protect this community.
    I’m afraid for people insulting me or my family members know me i’m a gay ,then i fly to australia as a traveller and apply the protection visa.After applied the visa i been granted the bridging visa since september 2016.For the time to apply the visa i give my evidance like married certificate but not from my country,its from Phillippne and my husband Philippine citizen.
    For this time i’m still holding my bridging visa and afraid if the Immigration of Australia refuse my visa.
    So what else i can do to stay longer in Australia.

    1. Embark Migration

      Hi Ejon – There are many factors to take into consideration when applying for protection. There are many issues faced by same-sex couples and individual LGBTI people to be aware of and obtaining a protection visa on the grounds of sexuality is never easy. For this reason, we always recommend getting help from a qualified, experienced and registered immigration expert to do a detailed assessment of your case to help you through the process. One of our registered migration agents will contact you shortly to talk to you about your claim and your application for protection.

  2. berny

    hi my name is berny,
    i am from indonesia, in indonesia gay is not allowed to get freedom, many gay case got straight into jail or being exposed to the public. especialy im under medication for infection desseas whcih i need the threatment from asutralia, im in adeladie now, but my visa will be off soon, i dont have any another option to live. please kindly to reply me back

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