How much does it cost to apply for an Australian visa?

The Australian Government specifies the price of all visas.  The cost of a visa is set by what is called the ‘Visa Application Charge’, or VAC.  The VAC is the set amount of money that must be paid for the visa application to be valid.

Depending on the visa that is applied for, the VAC could be made up of:

  • The first instalment which can consist of:
    • base application charge
    • an additional applicant charge
    • a non-internet application charge
    • a subsequent temporary application charge
  • The second instalment which is required for some classes of permanent visa and must be paid before the visa can be granted.

Visa application fees are not normally refundable if the application is refused or withdrawn before it has been finalised.

It is possible to get an estimate of most visas using the Immigration Pricing Estimator.

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