How can I change my address and/or passport details?

Under Australian migration law, it is compulsory to notify the immigration department whenever anyone with a pending visa application (an application that has not been finalised) has changed or intends to change their address for more than 14 days.

It is also compulsory to notify the department when a new passport has been issued.  All visa applicants and visa holders in Australia must notify immigration that they have a new passport even if it is issued after their visa has been granted.

To let the government know that a new passport has been issued, or where a visa applicant has changed their address, there are two ways to advise the department of the changes.   You can use  Form 929 – Change of address and/or passport details which can be downloaded from the immigration website and sent by email or taken to your nearest immigration office. Alternatively, when an online visa application has been made, you can use your Immi Account.

There is no fee to update your passport or address details.

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